Curriculum - KS3- updated

Students follow the National Curriculum in the Lower School.

Most students also follow a reading programme.

Students are placed into curriculum blocks and groups to best support their learning and progress. Students’ grouping is varied, below is a diagram to show the organisation of the blocks and groups.

We aim to keep group sizes as close to 30 students as possible, especially in practical subjects like Science, Computing and PE. In Technology we try to keep the group size as close to 20 as we are able.


Eng Band (En/Fr/Gg/Hi)

Maths band (Co/Ma/Sci)

Arts Band (Cz/Mu/Pa/Rd/Re)




Mixed Ability

Ability Banding

Mixed Ability

Mixed Ability

Mixed Ability


Ability Banding

Ability Banding

Mixed Ability

Mixed Ability

Ability Banding


Ability Banding

Ability Banding

Mixed Ability

Mixed Ability

Ability Banding

Student progress is assessed using KS3 levels which range from WT –> 7 (NB - WT stands for Working Towards a KS3 level).  

These levels are an indicator of the eventual KS4 grade the student will be expected to achieve if they continue to make the same rate of progress through each year.

e.g a student attaining a KS3 level 2 in Year 8 will be expected to attain a grade 5 at GCSE

This will be dependent on the student continuing to produce work to their full potential, including both classwork and homework.

The KS3 level can be:

The assessment criteria to support the awarding of these levels is shown below:

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