Geography in Lanzarote

During the May/June half term break, 48 of our GCSE Geographers embarked on a 5 day visit to Lanzarote in order to make links with the new specification and to see some of their topics come to life.

Lanzaroty 04We began on a short bus journey to Edinburgh airport where the fun began! We embarked on our four hour flight to Arreciefe and were amazed by many students who came to ask for revision questions to practice and who brought revision for the journey

The first night was a late one with a fake-away pizza provided by the hotel and a decent nights sleep. Up bright and early for the adventures of Day 2. The students encountered a submarine dive which took them to depths of 35m in the Atlantic Ocean. Here they seen many species of marine life including a stingray! From here, they spent the remainder of the day in AquaLava (a hazards based waterpark) where many enjoyed the slides and lazy river.

Day 3 included a trip to visit lava tunnels and green caves. Students were able to see how a famous local artist had turned the volcanic eruptions into wonderful pieces of art in order to conserve the island. The studentslearnt a lot about the formation of Lanzarote, the different types of lava and how the lava tunnels formed. This was the night of the Champions League Final – 20 of the boys crammed themselves into 1 room, around 1 small screen to watch the final unfold (amongst many packets of crisps and cans of pop) whilst the remaining 28 took a stroll to the local town to undertake a bit of retail therapy.

After a greats night sleep from all the excitement and some time at the beach looking at the formation of the coastline, today was the day we visited Fire Mountain! The students felt volcanic rock which was still warm from the depths of the crust, watched geysers, saw just how hot it is near the crater – it set a tree on fire (deliberately!) and how they cook meat using the heat from the volcano. Then we took a coach trip around the many volcanoes in Timanfaya National Park through the lava fields which looked like a landscape from a different planet.

The students also got the chance to learn about resource management, ecosystems and managed to see coastal landforms created by erosion before heading back to the airport. During the flight the students completed their fieldwork booklet and reflected on everything they had learnt.

They all came back with big smiles on their face, a bit of a suntan (thankfully it didn’t rain!), many memories and new case studies.

So the staff would like to thank the Year 10 Geographers for their positive and mature attitude and excellent behaviour. Each and every student was a credit to Heaton Manor.

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