Message from the Governors

The period since the Ofsted visit in late November 2016 has been challenging for all concerned.  Heaton Manor is a school with many strengths, particularly the ethos of inclusion and diversity, respect and tolerance.  These strengths have been clearly seen in the way the school community has rallied through this difficult time. Miss Patterson and Mr Foster were given a warm welcome when they joined us in the positions of Head of School and Executive Headteacher respectively.  In the short time since they joined us they have worked with real dedication to build on the strengths of the school and address the weaker areas.  We as a governing body wish to give them every support in this crucial task.

The Ofsted grading, however, brings legal obligations which we also have a duty to address.  We have received an Academy Order for Heaton Manor School.  This has been issued by the Department for Education on behalf of the Secretary of State for Education, acting under Section 4 of the Academies Act 2010 (as amended by the Education and Adoption Act 2016).

The Academy Order makes clear that the Governing Body and Local Authority are under a duty to take all reasonable steps to facilitate the conversion of the school into an academy by a date to be determined by the Regional Schools Commissioner.  We do not yet have notification of this date, and there is much work to be done before we can give any timetable to the impending changes.

Further information on the process can be found in this document from the Department for Education. 

We will give further updates as this process develops.  Meanwhile, our primary aim continues to be the provision of on-going support for the school and all involved with it, to help every student fulfil their potential.

The Governing Body

February 2017


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