Y10 Summer Mocks: 17th June to 1st July

Once we return from the May half-term break, our Year 10 students will be approaching the final countdown to their Year 10 summer mockGCSE examinations and, where appropriate, real vocational examinations.

Please note that as you can see from the above dates, we have needed to change the timings of some examinations for some students.  This is due to clashes with events such as the Duke of Edinburgh expedition and our Geography field trips, which could not be moved to alternative dates.  We will provide your child with an updated copy of his or her personal summer mock examination timetable straight after May half-term.  The vast majority of examinations have stayed the same.  Your child should discard his or her previous timetable when he or she receives the new one.

A few reminders from our previous letter that we sent to you before the Easter break.

You will be aware that all of our Year 10 students have been given a full set of GCSE revision guides for all of the subjects that they are studying to support them with their revision and examination preparation.  Further information is listed below of the on-going support that we are offering our Year 10 students to enable them to achieve the very best grades that they can in the summer mock and vocational examinations.  Many of your child’s teachers have used a website called SENECA revision (explained in the support booklet that we posted out before Easter to you).

We have a number of lessons in PD devoted to supporting our students in their preparation for the mocks and vocational exams.  This includes ‘How to Start’, ‘General Revision’ and ‘Examination Tips’.  All of this information has also been placed on our FROG homework site for all of our Year 10 students.

We have talked about the importance of using time over the May half-term break to continue with ongoing revision.  The message to our Year 10 students remains:

You are very nearly at the end of another busy half term.  Well done!

It is important that you take time over the half-term break to find the correct balance of work, rest and relaxation.  Use your planned revision time wisely and productively. Make sure that you have made a revision timetable and stick to it!

As part of our continued drive to raise our expectation and ethos of independent study amongst our students, we are holding four compulsory guided study sessions for our Year 10 students on the above dates, prior to the start of the Year 10 Summer mocks on Monday 17th June.  The students will be expected to take revision work to the sessions (they all have revision guides) and revise silently for the full Period 7.  On these days, school will not finish for our Year 10 students until 3:30pm.  There will also be a small number of students involved in a Peer Mentoring scheme during some of these sessions.  These are also compulsory and will replace some of the guided study sessions.  If this applies to your child, we will write to you separately. We will give out the Period 7 timetables to all of our Year 10 students after the half term break.

This is planned to take place during period 6 on Monday 8th July and your child will be given an envelope containing his or her mock results.  Your child will not be given any of his or her results, or go through the paper in class until after this day.  This provides our students with a ‘real’ experience of GCSE results day.  This date may be subject to change depending on the time taken to mark and moderate the examination scripts and if this is the case, we will inform you of the revised date.

This will include your child’s Form Tutor report and subject next step targets for Year 11.  We also aim to publish this to parents/carers the week beginning Monday 8th July.

As we said in our previous letter, our Year 10 students have continued to work very well this half-term in continuing with their GCSE and vocational studies and they are responding very well to support and intervention from their teachers.  With continued and ongoing hard work, we are very optimistic for their success in their forthcoming summer mock and vocational examinations.

If you have any further questions or require any more information about these details at this stage please contact school by telephone: 0191 2818486 or email us the school at admin@heatonmanor.newcastle.sch.uk

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Yours faithfully


Mr N Holmes

Director of Student Progress


Mr D Merrifield

Director of KS4


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