Year 11 GCSE Support - Easter update

We are now reaching the final countdown to our GCSE examinations as they start just after the Easter break.  Many of our students will be sitting their MFL speaking exams the week beginning Monday 29th April, the GCSE Art exam is the week beginning Monday 6th May, and then the main GCSE examinations continue from Monday 13th May. 

Our Year 11 students have been working very well in preparing for their examinations; responding well to support and intervention from their teachers.  We are optimistic for them in their forthcoming examinations.

You will find enclosed with this letter, another copy of your child's personal examination timetable. You will receive a further copy with seats and venues after the Easter break.

Teachers have put revision and support material on the VLE and on FROG homework.  Many have used SENECA revision, and are giving students paper copies of revision material to take home.  You will be aware that all of our Year 11 students have been given GCSE revision guides for all of the subjects that they are studying to support them with their revision and examination preparation. 

Below is listed further information of the on-going support that we are offering our Year 11 students to enable them to achieve the very best grades that they can in the GCSE exams.

Easter Schools

These are taking place over the Easter Break. If your child is invited to attend any of these revision sessions we will write to you separately with the details. If he has been selected it is because his class teachers believe that he will greatly benefit from this revision session. If «Forename» has no other commitments on the day of the revision session, then we strongly encourage him to attend and make the most of this extra revision opportunity. There will also be revision sessions over the May half term.

Post-Easter Period 7

There will be a new Period 7 timetable for the 3-week block of time after the Easter break before the GCSE exams start. The compulsory sessions will again take place every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. As always, many of our teachers also offer voluntary sessions on a Tuesday and Friday. Your child's teachers will talk to them about this if it is available.

Final GCSE Revision Support

We will write to you again straight after the Easter break with the final detailed plan of the support for your child once the GCSE examinations start. This will include details of (where appropriate) before school, lunchtime, after school examination warm-ups, and ongoing Period 7 support.

The message that we are giving to all of our Year 11 students at this time is that it is important that they take time over the Easter break to find the correct balance of work, rest and relaxation. We have told them to use their planned revision time wisely and productively, to make sure that they have a revision timetable and that they stick to it.

If you have any further questions or require any more information about these details at this stage please contact school by telephone or email.

Yours sincerely



Mr Nigel Holmes

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