Year 11 Mocks - 8th January to 18th January

We have written to all Parents/Carers of our Year 11 students regarding the support in place in the lead up to our Year 11 mocks. It also includes a personalised compulsory Period 7 timetable. 

A generic copy of the letter can be downloaded here. 

Compulsory Period 7 sessions in the lead up to the January mocks for all of our Year 11 students start on Monday 19th November.

The contents of the letter are summarised below:- 



As you will be aware from the information in your child’s autumn grade card, our Year 11 mocks are taking place immediately after the Christmas break this year.

In order to support and prepare our Year 11 students for the January mock examinations, and ultimately the final GCSE examinations next summer, we are undertaking the following:

The 4-week programme of compulsory Period 7 revision sessions prior to the mock examinations will mainly be subject specific revision, led by a subject teacher, but some will be staff-supported independent revision and study.

Students are expected to attend all Period 7s and on these days, school for Year 11 students will not finish until 3:30pm. The Period 7 sessions take place in departmental classrooms or areas such as the Library or ICT rooms. Students will be directed where to go.

There are 11 compulsory Period 7 sessions in total. The sessions will take place on the following dates (all sessions from 2:40pm – 3:30pm). This means that on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday school does not finish for Year 11 students until 3:30pm.

There will be no compulsory Period 7 sessions during the last week of term or during the actual examination period as some afternoon examinations will not finish until after 3:00pm.

Compulsory Period 7 sessions were in place for all of our Year 11 students last year in the lead up to the major examinations such as these. You will also recall that compulsory Period 7 sessions were in place for all Year 10 students last year in the lead up to the summer mock examinations.

These proved very successful, particularly in terms of ethos, attitude to learning, and preparation for the examinations. Attendance to all compulsory Period 7 sessions is not optional. They will be monitored, and full attendance to every session is expected. Students will obviously receive extra Praise Stamps for attendance to the Period 7 sessions and these will contribute to the PRAISE reward system.

Your child’s subject teachers and Heads of Faculty identified the nights available and which students to be selected. In some subjects it is all of the students selected and in some subjects it is targeted students. Where your child was identified for more than one subject we looked at current and predicted progress against the end of key stage target. There will be further compulsory Period 7 sessions for targeted students after the Year 11 mocks and for all students after the February half term break, and after Easter in the lead up to the final GCSE examinations.

If there is an extenuating circumstance why your child is unable to attend a particular Period 7 session, then please contact Mrs Dowling (Head of Year 11) or Ms Clark (Associate Head of Year 11: Intervention & Support) in advance of the session and the absence from Period 7 can be authorised on that occasion.

We will issue students with their results and grades at a mock examination results’ morning as detailed above on 25th January.

There will be a continued planned programme of support for our Year 11 students after the mock exams as we progress throughout the spring term and on to the final GCSE examinations in summer 2019. We will write to you again with further details of this.

Our Sixth Form team will also be writing to you about our Sixth Form Open Evening which takes place on Wednesday 12th December. At this event you will be able to find out about all of the courses and opportunities for your child in our Sixth Form. We would expect all of our Year 11 Parents/Carers and Year 11 students to attend this evening if possible.

If you have requested appointments, we look forward to seeing you at the Year 11 Parent/Carer Consultation Session on 3rd December. We also strongly recommended that you bring your child with you to this evening.

If you have any further queries about the forthcoming mock examinations and support for your child, please do not hesitate to contact one of us, your child’s subject teacher, or our Examination Team - Karen Dews (Examinations’ Officer) or Sharon Bennett (Examinations’ Assistant).

Mr N Holmes

Mr D Merrifield

Mrs E Dowling

Ms N Clark



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