Behaviour Principles

Statement of Behaviour Principles 2016-17

This statement has been drawn up in accordance with the Education and Inspections Act, 2006 and DfE guidance (Behaviour and Discipline in Schools, 2016) and is to be taken in conjunction with the school’s Climate for Learning Policy and Home School Agreement which are reviewed regularly by the Governing Body.

The purpose of this statement is to provide guidance for the Headteacher in drawing up the school’s Climate for Learning Policy so that it reflects the shared aspirations and beliefs of Governors, staff and parents for the children at Heaton Manor School as well as taking full account of law and guidance on behaviour matters.  It is intended to help all school staff to be aware of and understand the extent of their powers in respect of discipline and sanctions and how to use them.

This is a statement of principles, not practice, which is to be found in the school’s Climate for Learning Policy that has taken account of these principles when being drawn up by the Headteacher.


The Governors at Heaton Manor School believe that high standards of behaviour lie at the heart of a successful school and that this is achieved through positive behaviour management.

The use of reasonable force

Screen and Search

School staff can search a pupil for any item if the pupil agrees

Disciplining beyond the school gates

Dealing with allegations of abuse


This statement of principles will be reviewed every two years or as necessary.

November 2016

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